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Same-day cannabis

delivery made easy.

Same-day cannabis

delivery made easy.

Same-Day Weed Delivery in Edmonton!

RUSH Cannabis is a mobile dispensary service providing same-day cannabis delivery right to your door

How It Works


Check out our current menu of RUSH products. It changes daily so make sure to check back often!


Your order goes directly to the nearest delivery vehicle who will start heading your way pronto!


You can sit back and relax. You order is on it’s way and should arrive within an hour or so.



RUSH Pull-Tab Tins contain artisanal craft cannabis grown by some of Canada’s top producers. We hand select each harvest to guarantee our customers will experience the highest levels of quality in their cannabis purchases. Each tin is air-sealed so your bud is as fresh as the day it was packaged. Each tin comes  with 10 grams of cannabis and a re-sealable lid for convenience.


RUSH BIG-J’s contains four juicy hand-rolled blunts and a lighter. Each blunt is made from pure flower only – no stems or shake leaves – so you know your going to get a smooth smoke from beginning to end. Every BIG-J’s can is then sealed to prevent tampering and to make sure you have the best blunt experience every time you choose RUSH BIG-J’s. Perfect for parties too.


RUSH MINI-J’s are a smaller version of our BIG-J’s. Each tin contains ten half-gram MINI-J’s, each rolled to perfection for an even burn every time. Every MINI-J is made from flowers only – no stems or shake leaves ever. Each tin is sealed to prevent tampering and to guarantee you get the best MINI-J experience every time you purchase them. Perfect for movie nights.


RUSH Cookies are incredibly delicious 3-BITE COOKIES that will have you coming back for more. Home-made cookie goodness combined with 99% THC distillate make for an edible experience you wont forget. There is no cannabis taste or smell, so the cookies are simply delicious. RUSH COOKIES come in a variety of flavours like Chocolate Berry and Salted Caramel.


RUSH Exotics are our signature product and contain 14 grams of some of the world’s most exotic strains. We only select the very best for our line of RUSH Exotics. Each bag is heat sealed to guarantee freshness and to prevent tampering. Check out strains like ’71 Maui Wowie, Watermelon, and a Pre-’89 Bubba Kush grown from a rare cutting of this hard to find genetics.


RUSH Cannagars are made from 100% cannabis. Each one is hand-rolled like a cigar and contain 7 grams of premium craft cannabis, which is coated with a gram of cannabis resin, then rolled again in fresh cannabis fan leaves. They are then whiskey-cured at 62 degress humidity for two weeks to let the flavours meld together to produce the smoothest toke around.


RUSH Green Dragon THC Tincture is a potent extract combined with an alcohol base. RUSH makes an alcohol-based THC tincture that will help you relax and sleep better the very first time you use it. Made from a strong indica strain, just a couple of drops under your tongue is all it takes to feel better and sleep like you always should have. It comes in 30 ml bottles with a dropper tool included. 


RUSH Premium Pre-Rolls contain one two-gram cone joint packed for perfection and priced for the budget minded consumer. Got some change laying around? Pick up a RUSH Premium  Pre-Roll and let the good times flow. RUSH Premium Pre-Rolls come in a variety of popular strains including Blue Dream and Strawberry Kush. Add one to your order today!

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RUSH420 specializes in Edmonton Pot Delivery and same day marijuana delivery in Edmonton. View the current menu right from the comfort of home on your PC or Smartphone. Order online from your PC or Smartphone. You can track your delivery in real-time online from your PC or Smartphone.

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Same-Day Weed Delivery in Edmonton!

Weed Delivery Edmonton!

Weed delivery in Edmonton has never been so easy. RUSH Cannabis provides same day delivery of all your favourite 420 products like cannabis edibles and pre-rolls. You can choose from top cannabis brands or our very own RUSH Brand products, which are all produced from local farmers and made in-house.

Same day weed delivery is simple with RUSH. Just download our app from Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store and sign up. You can use your PC and order direct from this website too. View our current menus, see weekly specials, place orders, and even track your delivery in real time, all from the convenience of your own home.

Marijuana Delivery Edmonton!

No more having to drive to the dispensary near me, and going through all that hassle. Just place your order with RUSH Cannabis Delivery and sit back and relax. Every order is delivered in about an hour, sometimes as fast as 15 minutes depending on things like traffic and where our drivers are at the time.

We hope you will give us a try. We think you will be happy you did.