Landrace Strains That Started It All

13 Landrace Strains That Started It All

This list is by no means complete as many argue over how many actual landrace strains there are. But here are 10 that definitely belong on the list of influential strains that started it all.

  1. Thai: Thai stick Sativa from Thailand.
  2. Panama Red: Panama Red Sativa from Panama.
  3. Hindu Kush: Indica from the Kush Mountain range on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.
  4. Afghani: Afghani Indica from the Afghan area.
  5. Durban Poison: African Sativa from Durban area of South Africa.
  6. Punto Rojo – Colombian Gold Sativa from Columbia.
  7. Acapulco Gold –Acapulco Gold Sativa from Mexico.
  8. Lamb’s Bread – Jamaican Gold Sativa from Jamaica.
  9. Malawi – Sativa from Malawi, Africa.
  10. Luang Prabang – Sativa from Laos.
  11. Cambodian Red
  12. Maui Wowie – Hawaiian
  13. Mexican Red